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Netiesioginio degimo dyzelinis šildytuvas BV 500-13C, 150 kW, MASTER
Gamintojas: Master Climate Solutions
Prekės kodas: 4010033&MAS
Svoris: 224.00
Kaina: €5,900.00
Maximum / Standard heating power: 150 / 117 kW
Outlet temperature rise: 75 °C  
Max air temperature: 95 °C  
Max nozzle: Steinen 2,75 GPH  
Standard nozzle: Steinen 2,25 GPH
Flue tube: 150 mm  
Protection: IP 43  
Max fuel consumption: 13,32 l/h  
Standard fuel consumption: 12,19 l/h
Air outlet diameter: 2 x 300 mm or 1 x 400 mm  
Remote thermostat: analog or digital  
Product size: 2086 x 717 x 1233 mm
Tank capacity: 150 l  
Diesel Pressure: 12 Bar  
Power supply: 220-240/50-60 V/Hz
Fan: Axial  
Total air pressure: 443 Pa  
Ductability: 30 m  
Air displacement: 7.700 m³/h
Power fan motor: 1.500 / 2.750 W/rpm  
Rated current: 13 A  
Net weight: 224 kg
Clean hot air
Achieved pressure 443 Pa
Flue gas exhaust
Possibility to adjust combustion in case of relevant change of altitude
Separate Riello burner with easy nozzle change
It has windows which allow an easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning
Fuel pre-heating
Quick connectors for electrical parts
Summer-Winter switch for ventilation only
Socket for remote thermostat: analog or digital
High efficiency heat exchanger
Stainless steel combustion chamber
Robust hook for crane hanging
Trolley included


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